2 Kasım 2014


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Yeni kitabım, İngilizce ALTİTUDE 8000 yayınlandı!  İngilizce, 275 sayfa, kuşe kağıt, renkli resimli, Tunç Fındık yayınları. Fiyat: 45 TL

Kitap, D&R kitabevinde, Kadıköy K2 Outdoor’da ve Q sport- Anadoluhisarı dükkanında bulunabilir.  Bilgi ve satış için:   tuncbayonet@gmail.com  

Konu: Tunç Fındık’ın ‘İrtifa 8000-Yüksek Macera’ kitabının İngilizcesi. Tunç Fındık’ın tırmandığı 6000-7000 ve 8000 metrelik zirvelerin etkileyici hikayesini,  görkemli görseller eşliğinde  anlatıyor. Kitabın sponsoru olan Reyhan ve Kemal Sadıkoğlu’na büyük teşekkürler!

My new book ALTİTUDE 8000 is published &  on sale. Great Thanks to Reyhan and Kemal Sadıkoğlu, who are the sponsors.

The book is color-printed, 275 pages.

From the back cover:

‘Altitude 8000’ is about one man’s climbs in the high altitude regions of the world.

The climbing adventures of Tunç Fındık, a Turkish mountaineer, started in the early 90’s in the dusty, faraway Pamir and Tien Shan ranges of the old Soviet Russia and continues on to the mighty 7000 and 8000 meter summits of the Himalaya and Karakoram to this day.

A climbing expedition to distant and high mountains has always meant making a huge commitment. It can be supremely rewarding or devastatingly frustrating, as the fast changing conditions may mean the difference between success or failure, life or death. Follow closely in his footsteps as Tunç fights and climbs his way up at almost nine kilometres (above 26.000 feet) above sea level, where the air becomes so thin that the human body and brain slowly starts to die, devoid of vital oxygen. This is the Death Zone, where one is exposed to deadly altitude sickness.

On this wild mountainous no-man’s land, Tunç and his mates face all this and many other treacherous obstacles such as massive avalanches, fifty degrees of frost, fierce blizzards, bottomless, hidden glacier crevasses, and dangerously exposed climbing. Their life often exists in a constant state of danger and precarious instability…

‘Altitude 8000’ demonstrates graphically the massive physical punishment and mental endurance of high altitude mountaineering and Tunç’s words take you directly to his inner experience of this toughest of quests. This is the real-life story of the Turkish mountaineer Tunç Fındık and his ultimate mountaineering odyssey written in his own words. In this compilation from his hand-written diaries and photographic archives, Tunç gives a gripping step by step account as he climbs the remotest, highest and most legendary mountains on Earth in his great adventure and personal quest, from the four sided jewel of Khan Tengri to the deadly pyramid of K2 on his way to summit all the world’s 8000m peaks.

For sale and information: tuncbayonet@gmail.com

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